Application and use of supercritical CO2 extraction systems

Active Resin Processing and Diamond Mining: Using the Active Resin process, this system can be used to process the base for recrystallization (Diamond Mining or Jar Tech). Isolating CB D from terpenes is what diamond mining (crystallization of terpene paste) is all about and is an incredibly tasty and potent end product.
High quality cannabis flower extract: Supercritical CO2 provides superior process extraction compared to any other extraction method.
Plant extracts: Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine is the best way to harvest valuable plant terpenes and essential oils.
Produce direct-bottable extracts: Running at pressures approaching 1,200 psi, you can leave most of the waxes and lipids behind, producing a terpene-rich oil (about 85% CB D near the fraction) full-spectrum oil that can be blended with a carrier oil and bottled for direct retail sale. In many cases, this eliminates the lengthy post-processing antifreeze step and saves the required labor and equipment. This provides consumers with a virtually contact-free extract with more nutrients than conventionally processed (and diluted) cannabis oil. Ethanol processing destroys terpenes, and many late-night processors use charcoal to filter out chlorophyll and filter CB D from the final product.

Terpenes: CO2 Extraction Machine is a reliable method for extracting valuable terpenes.
Plug and Play: Our system is designed to provide you with a system that is ready to use when you cancel your charges. We include a basic installation kit for connecting a small cooler and exhaust for CO2. Simply connect them to your CO2 cylinder to fill and run the system. The system requires training. We have the learning method you need to follow or you will not learn to run the system. Start with beer-rich hops. After learning to use the system correctly, move on to cannabis or other botanicals. Failure to follow this method will result in a low success rate and most likely zero results. We have developed this method for years and it works well when followed. The best option for getting up and running quickly and efficiently is to hire professional help. Without proper training, you will most likely not be able to operate the machine.
One Moving Part: Our system is unique in that it has one moving part, the liquid CO2 pump. Proper cleaning, learning and operation of the system will ensure that the pump works properly. Cannabis oil is very sticky and can cause pump failure. The key is to prevent any material from reaching the pump and that the pump will operate well. This is true of most CO2 systems. Without proper training and learning, expect zero results.
Fast return on investment: Using our CO2 extractor and our learning method, you will be able to produce high quality extracts quickly. Craft CO2 extracts are much more expensive than any other ethanol extraction process and retain the nutrients and benefits in the plant.
Built in the USA: Proudly built in the USA. We process many parts in our store. Our systems are peer reviewed and certified by engineers. Pressure vessels and sealing systems are manufactured and fabricated in the USA in a certified facility to pass ASME certification.
Cannabis Extractor. Full spectrum CB D oil at 85% quality directly from the machine (no post-processing - ready for bottling).

10-Liter CO2 System
The best process for supercritical CO2 full spectrum oil extraction. Vegetable oil extraction.

Supercritical CO2 extraction - Completely silent - No air compressor required - Start your vegetable oil extraction immediately and profit from it - Fast 1-4 hour extraction Perfect for extracting terpenes and full spectrum oils from the machine. Produces the highest quality extracts in the industry. If you are running near subcritical (reduces or eliminates anti-freeze effect), leave the wax behind. Oil output directly from the machine is close to isolate quality (85%).

Reactive resin processing and diamond mining: Using the reactive resin process, this system can be used to process recrystallized bases (diamond mining or Jar Tech). Isolation of CB D from terpenes is what diamond mining (crystallization of terpene paste) is all about and is an incredibly tasty and potent end product.

Free web listings on this site: If you purchase a 10 liter CO2 system at full price, we will provide you with a 30 day listing on your own page with referrals to visitors or callers who require fee-based processing, or give it to you directly. The list can include your company name, email or phone contact information, services offered, and even include photos of the machine as well as high quality excerpts from the full spectrum. This is great value as we get a lot of traffic from Google web searches. Limited time offer.

High quality full spectrum oil - ready to use: Run the system at lower pressures and you get a high quality crude oil output (little to no freeze protection) with a CB D of 80% (very close to separation oil quality) that you can bottle and sell directly to consumers. ROI PDF.

The purchase price of supercritical CO2 extracted oil is almost twice that of ethanol or other conventional extraction methods. Using the Infinity Supercritical CO2 Extractor with cannabis is considered full-spectrum oil extraction. We have kept the price at $99,000 since 2015, while other extractors cost more (for the same size and yield).


We see wholesale group prices for CO2 in Wisconsin at $6.0 $/gram for extracted oil for $10.00, +/- grams. On the retail side, a gram of full spectrum oil extracted from CO2 combined with 1 oz of carrier oil (coconut oil) sells for $ 45.00- $ 90.00 in retail stores. your production costs (including bottles, flowers and processing costs) are usually less than $ 3.00. if you sell your own brand on your website, you can see higher retail prices and profits.

What are the problems with ethanol extraction?

Problems with Large Scale Ethanol Batch Extraction: Typically, there are many drawbacks to large scale ethanol extraction. Since recirculating ethanol is critical to low-cost processing operations, dilution of pure ethanol is compromised (water is constantly added), resulting in inefficient extraction. In addition, the terpene retention capacity of ethanol is poor (terpenes become volatile and evaporate only). Finally, many ethanol processors who perform rapid extraction end up with large amounts of bitter, green tasting chlorophyll. To filter out these contaminants, they use an activated carbon filter (called carbon scrubbing), which also filters out most of the valuable components (Source: Romano LL, Hazekamp A. Petroleum: chemical evaluation of upcoming basic drugs. 2013; 7(1):1-11.)