How to have sex with your lesbian partner (masturbation, blowjobs and sex toys didlo)

How to have sex with a lesbian partner? The main tools are your hands, mouth, tongue and other necessities.

How to give her an unforgettable handjob? A perfect hand job must sum up the stimulation of many places like her ears, neck, breasts, thighs, behind the knees and the last one is her naughty parts.

Start by holding her from behind and whispering between her ears - say whatever you want, and there are no specific rules, something dirty and seductive will suffice.

A long, wet, deep kiss is a must. Your tongue is the most flexible part of your body, so just try to make the most of it. When you kiss your partner, put one of your hands on the back of her head, which makes the woman feel safe. Use your other hand to touch her neck, then move your hand down.

Generally, she will now begin to breathe more deeply, aroused by your kiss and touch. Start exploring her body, in order, her collarbone, her breasts (you know what to do here, right?) , her belly button, her thighs, and then back to the naughty part.

It's time to stimulate her secret parts. Look at her mystery garden and tell her how beautiful she is and that part. Put some lubricant on your hand and warm it up before you put it there. Now use your fingers to stimulate her inner and outer labia and clitoris - if she's watching, use your middle finger, because it's more erotic and easier to turn her on.

Blowjobs are not to be missed during your sex. As a woman, you should know what she likes better than a man, but it's best to ask her opinion before you do it.

Most women still like the feeling of penetration, and you can use your fingers, or you can use a sex toy like a dildo or a bunny vibrator. The recommendation is to use your fingers first and then the vibrator. Before penetration, get the vibrator wet enough, whether it's your saliva or lubricant. Some dildos allow you and your partner to use them at the same time, which, of course, makes lesbian sex more enjoyable and relaxing.