• the Pandora Moments bracelet has conquered jewelry fans

    In 2020, the charms bracelet celebrates its 20th anniversary. The opportunity for us to reveal our favorites …
    Our 20 favorite charms for 20 years of Pandora

    Celebrating 20 years! Created in 2000, the Pandora Moments bracelet has conquered jewelry fans thanks to the customization possibilities offered. The idea? Adopt a beautiful bracelet and add your favorite charms to it: ideal for marking a beautiful event, declaring your love, expressing your character, etc. In particular thanks to the ‘Zodiac’ charms – which allow you to display your astrological sign -, but also to collabs with Disney – sure we will find one of his favorite cartoon – and also full of symbols that can make sense for each of us! And since we are not every day 20 years old, Pandora has decided to mark the occasion by drawing from its archives … to reissue 12 charms from previous collections, in limited edition, available around the 20th of each month until December 2020. The opportunity to fall for the most popular charms of the Danish jeweler? In any case, we have an idea of ​​those who would make us succumb. In 20 years, Pandora has imagined more than 680 charms. This shows that the choice was difficult! Nevertheless, we took up the challenge to retain only 20 … that we dream of seeing waving on our wrist!
    Harry Potter x Pandora http://www.ukoutletfirst.com/

    Among our favorite charms? The sublime jewels of the Harry Potter collection, launched at the end of 2019. 12 pieces – including 10 charms -, in all, all as desirable as each other. Hogwarts Express train, Dobby figurines, the house elf, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and / or Harry Potter or even the school of witchcraft (above in our selection) … it’s the whole universe of the sorcerer’s apprentice who arrived at Pandora. Our favorite ? The charms hanging in the colors of the 4 Hogwarts houses: perfect for choosing your side … and displaying your colors! http://www.ukoutletfirst.com/pandora-bracelets-uk-p-2015206