Bogati is a family run business and we love to see when families come to enjoy our winery. Family is a huge part of who we are and why we do what we do. Which is why we invite folks under 21 to enjoy as well!

However, it helps to clarify some policies for those folks who choose to bring children with them to the winery:

  1. We are an establishment regulated by the Virginia ABC and are held to the same alcohol establishment laws as any other bar/restaurant.
  2. Please do not use our winery as a babysitting service, playground, amusement park, etc.
  3. If you choose to bring children with you, YOU are solely responsible for them. Please do not allow them to “play” unsupervised while you enjoy your wine in or outside the tasting room.
  4. Children must be supervised at all times, by the adult(s) that brought them.
  5. The safety of all guests, including your children, as well as our team/staff is of top priority. If we ask that something not be permitted, it is for that purpose.
  6. PLEASE do not allow your children to play/jump on the furniture or run outside of our fenced in area. There are a lot of cars driving by in the parking lot as we share the lot with a few other businesses.

We understand that kids are kids, and we are happy to guide them if they’re into something we’d prefer they not be. We will let their supervising adults know that we’ve given them direction.

Repeat correction of behavior that is being permitted by their supervising adults, will result in the children and adults being asked to leave for the day.

Our goal is that all guests can enjoy their time at Bogati fully and appreciate your understanding and help on this. We look forward to seeing you soon!