Your holiday shopping is done. You’ve checked your list twice and found the perfect gift for everyone on it. The holiday cheer is rolling in as you begin wrapping each one and placing them around your tree. You can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face as they open what you picked just for them! Then you remember the wine bottle. You hunted forever to find the wine your loved one was raving about, but now…now you have to try to wrap it.

Just like you, we used to think there was no true easy way to wrap a wine bottle. It was either hours spent rolling, unrolling, and rolling the paper around the bottle again or crumbled corners and uneven bows. Some years, you were tempted just to toss it in a bag.

We are excited to share the adorable, but easy ways we’ve learned to wrap a wine bottle!

1. Turn your wine bottle into the perfect, chic themed gift!
Wrap your bottle in a tea towel. You can pick out a holiday towel or find one that matches their kitchen decor.
Not only is this a quick, fun way to wrap the bottle, but it protects the bottle by providing an extra layer of cushion. This dual purpose gift is bound to be a hit among your friends and family.
If you want to continue the theme, adding a small cheese board is a beautiful addition to your wonderfully wrapped bottle of wine!

2. Dress up your gift by dressing up the bottle!
Turn your favorite pair of socks into an adorable bottle sweater! Keep it simple and put one sock on each bottle of wine, or use the pair to transform your bottle into a boot.
This practical, but fun gift provides your loved one with all of the best comforts (wine and warm tootsies) during these cold winter months.

3. Keep it simple!
Nothing makes someone’s eyes light up like seeing a bottle of their favorite wine under the tree with their name on it! Why wrap the bottle at all? You can dress the gift up with an elegant ribbon around the neck, adding mulling spices, or even including a recipe card for a dish that pairs beautifully with that bottle. Cute, easy, practical, and avoids the mess of paper!

No matter how you choose to wrap (or not wrap) these bottles of wine, they are sure to bring a big smile to your loved one’s face. Remember to keep it cheerful, fun, and simple this holiday.

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