Whether you’re at a formal dinner, a casual wine tasting, or simply enjoying a glass of vino with friends, there’s a certain level of decorum associated with drinking wine. Mastering these subtleties not only enhances your own appreciation of wine but can also impress your companions. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the world of wine etiquette with panache.

1. Choosing the Right Glass: Different styles of wine are best served in specific types of glasses to enhance their characteristics. For example, red wines generally benefit from a larger, rounder bowl to allow the wine to breathe, while white wines are often served in smaller, narrower glasses to maintain their cooler temperature.

2. Holding the Glass: Avoid holding the bowl of the glass as it can warm the wine and leave smudges. Instead, grip the stem or the base of the glass. This ensures the wine stays at the ideal temperature and your glass remains clear and smudge-free.

3. Pouring the Wine: As a general rule, pour red wines up to the widest diameter of the glass to allow the wine to breathe. White wines should be poured less to keep them cooler for longer. Sparkling wines should be poured down the side of the glass to preserve the bubbles.

4. Swirling the Wine: Swirling allows the wine to interact with the air, releasing its bouquet. Keep the base of the glass on the table if you’re not confident with swirling – it’s just as effective and reduces the chance of spillage!

5. Sniffing the Wine: Smelling the wine provides clues about its character and quality. Take a moment to appreciate the wine’s aroma before you take your first sip.

6. Sipping the Wine: When tasting wine, draw some air through your lips to vaporize the wine and spread it throughout your mouth. This can highlight flavors and aromas you might otherwise miss.

7. Wine Pairing: Pairing wine with the right food can enhance both the meal and the wine. While there are no fixed rules, a common guideline is to match the weight of the wine with the weight of the food.

8. Storing the Wine: If you don’t finish the bottle, replace the cork or cap and store the wine upright in the fridge to slow down oxidation. While it’s generally best to consume it within 2-3 days, some wines may last longer.

9. The Toast: During a toast, make eye contact when clinking glasses. It’s considered polite and can create a moment of connection.

Proper wine etiquette can enhance your wine-drinking experience and make a favorable impression on others. Remember, though, that wine is primarily about enjoyment. So, while it’s great to know these guidelines, don’t let them overshadow the sheer pleasure of tasting and sharing good wine!

The next time you’re at Bogati, impress your companions by showing off your newly acquired wine etiquette. Cheers to your enhanced wine-drinking journey!