Wine – a simple word, yet it encapsulates a universe of tastes, smells, colors, and above all, experiences. At Bogati Bodega, we view winemaking as a journey, an intimate dialogue between the grapevine and the winemaker, the land, and the seasons. It’s a process of alchemy where sunlight, water, and earth are transmuted into liquid gold. In this blog post, we take you behind the scenes of this fascinating journey – from the vine to your glass.

The Vineyard: Birthplace of the Wine At Bogati, it all begins with where we grow our grapes at Veramar Vineyard. Nestled amidst the lush, rolling hills of Berryville, Virginia, our vines bask in the ideal combination of sunlight, soil, and climate – conditions that imbue our grapes with their unique flavor profiles. We select the finest grape varieties suited to our terroir and meticulously care for them throughout the year, ensuring each vine yields the best it can offer.

Harvesting: When Timing is Everything As summer matures into fall, the vineyard buzzes with anticipation. Our skilled vineyard team, guided by our experienced winemaker, carefully monitor the ripeness and quality of the grapes. The decision to harvest is a crucial one, based not just on the sugar levels of the grapes, but also their acidity and tannin maturity. Once picked, the grapes are swiftly transported to our winery, ready for the next phase.

Crushing and Fermentation: Unleashing the Flavors Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes are sorted and crushed, liberating the sweet juice within. The juice, now referred to as ‘must,’ is transferred to fermentation tanks where yeast is added. As the yeast feasts on the sugars in the must, it produces alcohol, carbon dioxide, and heat – transforming the grape juice into wine. This process can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Aging: The Art of Patience Once fermentation is complete, the new wine is typically aged in barrels or tanks. This aging period allows the wine to mature and develop complex flavors. Our winemakers carefully select our aging vessels – from American and French oak barrels to stainless steel tanks – each imparting different characteristics to the wine.

Bottling: The Final Chapter The culmination of this journey is the bottling of the wine. After aging, the wine is carefully transferred into bottles, ready to be corked, labeled, and shipped. This is the moment where our labor of love finally reaches its intended destination – your glass.

Winemaking is a labor of love, requiring dedication, knowledge, and above all, passion. At Bogati Bodega, every bottle we craft is a testament to this incredible journey – from the sun-kissed vineyards of Veramar to the skilled hands of our winemakers. As you enjoy our wines, we hope you can taste not just the fruit of our vineyards, but also the love and passion we pour into every drop.

If you are interested in learning more about our winemaking process, take a look at our video of a story of A Bottle of Wine below! Cheers!